Planning Matters! Public information night: Launceston

Date: 6 December 2016, 7pm-9pm
Venue: Pilgrim Uniting Church, 34 Paterson St, Launceston

The Hodgman Government is weakening planning laws to make development easier and cut-out community control. This will change the face of Tasmanian cities, towns and bush. One day this will affect you and your backyard!

Twenty community and environment groups call a public meeting:

  1. Bay of Fires Coastal Preservation Lobby.
  2. Beaumaris Action Network.
  3. BirdLife Tasmania.
  4. Blackmans Bay Residents Action Group.
  5. Environment Tasmania.
  6. Freycinet Action Network.
  7. Friends of Four Mile Creek.
  8. Friends of the Blue Tier.
  9. Friends of the East Coast.
  10. North East Bioregional Network.
  11. Precinct 33 Amendments Group.
  12. 12 Seymour Community Action Group.
  13. South Hobart Progress Association.
  14. Southern Beaches Conservation Society.
  15. Tasmanian Conservation Trust.
  16. Tasmanian National Parks Association.
  17. Tasmanian Planning Information Network.
  18. The Bob Brown Foundation.
  19. The Wilderness Society.
  20. Woodbridge Community Association


Sophie Underwood: Founder of the Freycinet Action Network. Sophie will provide an overview, background, timelines and next steps of the proposed Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

Evan Boardman: Evan Boardman, Director of E3 Planning. Evan is a planning consultant and will be speaking about how the draft Tasmanian Planning Scheme will be taking away most of the protections for neighbourhood amenity and character with regards to views, privacy, sunlight into your backyard and home.

Warwick Oakman: The Deputy Chair of the National Trust of Australia (Tasmania) will discuss how the proposed Tasmanian Planning Scheme could impact on the preservation and setting of heritage buildings in Tasmanian towns.

Todd Dudley: Director of the North East Bioregional Network will be speaking on the potential environmental impacts of the proposed Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

All three political parties have been invited to attend and the Green’s Rosalie Woodruff will outline her party’s position, while a statement will be read from Labor’s Madeline Ogilvie, Shadow Minister for Local Government & Public Planning, who is an apology. Planning Minister Peter Gutwein has again declined an invitation to participate in the public meeting.