The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is due to come fully into effect in 2019.  We will be working hard to ensure Tasmania gets a planning system that works for all Tasmanians. 

The State Government’s Tasmanian Planning Scheme fails to adequately address a range of issues:

  • Community health and well-being: Limited provisions to promote better health for all Tasmanians, such as facilitation of walking and cycling opportunities, ensuring local access to recreation areas and addressing food security.

  • Urban issues: Smaller block sizes, higher buildings built closer to fences, and multi-unit developments in all residential areas are allowed. Neighbourhood amenity and character, privacy and sunlight into your backyard and home are not adequately protected and your rights to challenge inappropriate developments are very limited.

  • Affordable and social housing: No provisions to encourage development of affordable or social housing.

  • National Parks & Reserves: Commercial tourism development can be approved in most national parks and reserves without any guarantee of public consultation, and no rights of appeal.

  • Rural Issues: An unprecedented range of commercial and extractive uses will be permitted in Rural Zones, which will further degrade the countryside and Tasmania’s food bowl.

  • Biodiversity issues: The lack of consistent, up to date mapping, and broad exemptions under the Natural Assets Code means that many habitat areas will not receive protection.

  • Coastal Issues: Weaker rules for subdivisions and multi-unit development will put our undeveloped beautiful coastlines under greater threat.

  • Heritage Buildings & Heritage Landscape Issues: Limited protections for heritage places will compromise Tasmania’s important cultural precincts and erode the heritage character of listed buildings.

  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Issues: No provision for impacts on Aboriginal Heritage to be considered in a development assessment.

  • Lack of integration: Forestry, marine farming and dam construction remain exempt from the new scheme.

  • Your right to have a say: More and more uses and development will be able to occur without public consultation or rights of appeal.

  • Ministerial powers: The changes shift power over planning decisions into the hands of the Planning Minister and away from the Tasmanian Planning Commission, Councils and the public.

  • Local council issues: Feedback from councils is that their planning responsibilities are getting more complicated.

  • Tasmania’s brand: The Tasmanian brand underpins our future economy. The scheme is an important tool for managing our brand – but it will fail to protect all the reasons why people live and visit here.

Together, we can ensure Tasmanians have a say in a planning system that prioritises the health and well-being of the whole community, the liveability of our cities, towns and rural areas, and the protection of the natural environment and cultural heritage.


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