Donate: HELP US campaign for strong, inclusive planning laws

There are two options.

  • You can make donations either through PMAT Inc or the Tasmanian Conservation Trust (TCT).

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Help build PLANNING MATTERS alliance TASMANIA, encourage your local group to join in

  • Contribute your skills e.g. fundraising, IT, admin, media, event planning, design, writing.

  • Support the growing campaign with a donation.

  • Meet with state politicians to discuss why planning matters and how the changes will affect you.

  • Write to your local paper and ring/SMS talkback radio.

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Get creative with planning hazard tape

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is creating a planning hazard. This is why PMAT has printed planning hazard tape.

We have printed 10km of planning hazard tape for use by local groups at events and community engagement activities, to highlight the local impact of poor planning and governance at the local level.

We would love you to get involved.

Why buy PMAT's planning hazard tape?

To inspire you to get involved with the PMAT’s planning campaign.

  • To make the planning campaign visual on social media and across Tasmania.

  • To highlight local planning issues in your area.

  • To highlight local planning hazards in your area.

Please download the PMAT Hazard Tape Note Sheet and especially note the TAPE RULES OF USE section of the note sheet.

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Write a letter to the editor

There are three major newspapers in Tasmania, and all of them run letters to the editor columns. 

Voicing your concerns about planning matters in your local newspaper is a great way of contributing to public debate and provoking more people to think about the sort of Tasmania we want to live in, and pass on to our children.

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